May 9th- 12th, 2016 @ Niigata, Japan

Welcome Message

It is a great pleaseure to welcome you all to the International Symposium on the Science of Engineering Ceramics (EnCera 2016), which will be take place in Niigata, JAPAN. The EnCera has a long tradition and beginning in 1967 at Osaka, Japan. We encourage you to attend the conference and submit your most recent research results. We also wish you an enjoyable stay in the beautiful and historical city of Niigata, Japan.
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Organizer and Secretariat
Tadachika Nakayama
Nagaoka University of Technology


EnCera 2016 is designed to promote research for engineering ceramics and their applications into various fields, through sharing state-of-the-art advancements of the related technologies and visions of the future for engineering ceramics. Save the date to attend this premier event!
Important dates in 2016
March 31st, Abstract Deadline
May 1st, Early Registration Deadline
May 9th-12th, Symposium Days
Co-organized by Engineering Ceramics Division,
The Ceramic Society of Japan Endorsed by The Ceramic Society of Japan Sponsored by Niigata Prefecture and Niigata City

Plenary Speaker

Mritunjay Singh

Featured Speakers

Hua-Tay Lin
Fumihiro Wakai
Dileep Singh


May 9thMay 10thMay 11thMay 12th

Plenary and Keynote LecturePlenary and Keynote LecturePlenary and Keynote Lecture
Poster SessionPoster SessionOral Presentation
Oral PresentationOral Presentation
Welcome Party

* Program will open from 20th April.


Kinki Nippon Tourist

General Information

Official Hotel
1. Hotel Nikko Niigata
2. ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Niigata
3. Hotel Okura Niigata
* These hotel can book by registration form with discount rate.

Abstracts Submission

Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts for presentations. Abstracts can be up to 1 page in length. A review process for those who submitted abstracts will be managed by EnCera 2016 Program committee. Abstracts must be submitted electronically via EnCera 2016. If you have any difficulties, please contact the secretariat. (


Abstract Submission: March 1st ~ April 10th, 2016
Notification of Abstract Acceptance: April 10th, 2016

If you don't receive official confirmation letter from the secretariat within 10 days after the submission date, Please contact the secretariat by e-mail.


Organizing Committee

Tadachika NakayamaNagaoka Univ of Tech
Tatsuki OhjiAIST
Takashi WakaiTokyo Inst of Tech
Takashi GotoTohoku Univ
Tohru SekinoOsaka Univ.
Hisayuki SuematsuNagaoka Univ of Tech

Exective Committee

Koichi NiiharaNagaoka Univ. of Tech, Professor emeritus
Kozo IshizakiNagaoka Univ. of Tech, Professor emeritus
Masasuke TakataJFCC

Committee Members

若井 史博東京工業大学
水野 賢一 日本特殊陶業(株)
須山 章子㈱東芝
赤津 隆佐賀大学
阿部 修実茨城大学
荒井 正行電力中央研究所
幾原 雄一東京大学
伊藤 義康トーカロ株式会社
岩田 美佐男(株)ノリタケカンパニーリミテド
上本 英雄コバレントマテリアル(株)
大司 達樹産業技術総合研究所
大塚  正イソライト工業株式会社
大西 宏司株式会社ニッカトー
岡本 泰則京都工芸繊維大学
織田 武廣京セラ(株)ファインセラミック技術開発部
桂 裕氏黒崎播磨(株)
北岡 諭一般財団法人ファインセラミックスセンター
桐原 聡秀大阪大学
楠瀬 尚史香川大学
佐藤 裕新日本製鐵(株)
関野 徹大阪大学 産業科学研究所
高橋 秀雄旭硝子㈱中央研究所
高原 信作黒崎炉材株式会社
多々見 純一横浜国立大学
田中 諭長岡技術科学大学
張 炳國独立行政法人
津久間 孝次東ソー(株)
戸澤 宏一JFEスチール(株)
中山 忠親長岡技術科学大学
野間 竜男東京農工大学
堀田 幹則独立行政法人 産業技術総合研究所
前田 栄造品川リフラクトリーズ(株)
増本 博東北大学
俣野 泰司黒崎播磨(株)
松原 秀彰東北大学
松廣 啓治日本ガイシ株式会社
宮川 直道旭硝子(株) 中央研究所
宮原  薫石川播磨重工業(株)
武藤 浩行豊橋技術科学大学
安田 公一東京工業大学
山本 光雄ニチアス(株)
吉澤 友一産業技術総合研究所
吉田 克己東京工業大学
Jun-ichi MatsushitaTokai University

International Advisory Committee

Mrityunjay SinghPresident, American Ceramics Society, NASA (USA)
Pavol SajgalikPresident Europian Ceramics Society, Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovak Republic)
Richard ToddUniversity of Oxford (UK)
Hua-Tay LinGuangdong Univ. of Tech. (China)
Soo Wohn LeeSunmoon Univ (Korea)
Z.Y. FuWuhan Univ of Tech, China
Hao WangWuhan Univ of Tech, China
Yong Ho ChoaHanyang Univ. (Korea)
Hong Dae KimKITECH (Korea)

Local Committee

Takayuki KomatsuNagaoka University of Technology
KamadoNagaoka University of Technology
Hidetoshi SaitoNagaoka University of Technology
Hisayuki SuematsuNagaoka University of Technology
Satoshi TanakaNagaoka University of Technology
Tomoichiro OkamotoNagaoka University of Technology
Makoto NankoNagaoka University of Technology
Yukio MiyashitaNagaoka University of Technology
Satoshi HommaNagaoka University of Technology
Tsuneo SuzukiNagaoka University of Technology
Yoshinori TokoiNational Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College
Takashi FujiharaNational Institute of Technology, Anan College
Hiroki AsamiNational Institute of Technology, Tomakomai College
Kazuma SuzukiNational Institute of Technology, Miyagi College
Tadachika NakayamaNagaoka University of Technology